Yoga & Pilates

Yoga means unity. The unity of the mind, the body and the breath with the present moment.

What's available?

Yoga Classes

Yoga creates a space for coming back in contact with who you truly are; to relax, to invigorate and to enjoy.

It benefits mental health by reducing stress levels in the body through calming breath techniques, movement sequences and guided relaxations. It benefits the physical body by encouraging awareness of the body and its needs; be that strenghtening, mobilising or resting.

Benefits Include:

  • Greater Mobility
  • Core Strength
  • Improved Balance
  • Relaxation
  • Mindfulness

What's right for me?

Feel free to talk with us about our different styles of yoga and pilates classes to ensure you find a space that supports your own energy levels and any specific needs.
We offer classes, workshops and retreats at various times during the year these include the following styles of classes. Please check the booking page for upcoming events.

Yoga Therapy

We offer a combination of therapeutic yoga and mindfulness specifically designed and delivered to meet the needs of those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME, Chronic Pain and those who experience anxiety, stress and fatigue as a secondary symptom to seperate medical conditions.

This service is offered in group and individual formats. Please see booking page for upcoming events.


"Change happens through movement and movement heals."
Joseph Pilates

Pilates is a sequence of precise movements designed to strengthen the core area of the body, i.e. the abdominals, the glutes and the spinal area.

At foundation level these sequences are designed to help students discover corrects neuromuscular pathways. When we learn to locate and engage core muscles the body can function more efficiently. As the sequence is precise and low impact it is suitable to for almost everybody.


Private Sessions

Private sessions combine elements of yoga, pilates, breath work and mindfulness meditation to best suit you. Each class is carefully put together and sensitively adjusted to your energy needs and personal goals.

Often these sessions are beneficial following an injury, surgery or illness. Equally they can provide you with a time option that suits your schedule, enabling you to maximize your day.


Children & School's Yoga

Children are natural yogis so exposure to yoga helps them to stay in touch with their natural state of harmony. This connection is maintained through yogas wonderful array of ways to self-sooth, relax and listen to the body. 

For both boys and girls yoga is a great way to promote body-confidence, self-esteem and contentment. There's no winning or losing so everyone can feel they belong.

Through this playful mix of yoga, movement, games and visualisations children can learn social, emotional and personal skills that will benefit them for life.